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Paint Buying Tips

Whether you plan on painting by yourself or by hiring a professional, this involves a significant amount of effort and time. Making the right choice and picking the right paint is important to keeping your home looking great and lasting a long time. Paint is a clever mixture of a three basic ingredients: resin, pigment and a carrier. The pigment is made up of titanium dioxide as a base with smaller amounts of pigments added to the mix to create a tinted colour  Titanium dioxide is white and thus other pigments are needed to create the wide variety of choices we have on the market. The carrier acts as the liquid added to help thin the paint for application, evaporating in the process. Resin helps the paint adhere to the surfaces chosen for painting, though that is not all the ingredients of paint.

Small amounts of other solvents may help make the paint more glossy, while others help it dry faster. The qualities of the ingredients are important and determinative of the paint’s quality and performance. Naturally, this also means they are more expensive, though that is to be expected. The amount of titanium dioxide is closely related to the hiding properties of the paint. This substance is expensive however, so better quality paint is also more expensive. Alkyd-based paints use mineral spirits which are more expensive than normal solvents as well. Paint also contains thinners and solvents which release organic volatile compounds during their evaporation process. They are supplanted today by alkyd-based paints which use synthetic resins instead, giving off much less toxic fumes and unpleasant odors. Regardless of that however without some form of thinner there can be no paint. When you need to buy paint, you should aim for brands you are familiar with. There can be a significant difference between cheap and expensive. Quality-wise, the characteristics of hiding potential and washability are closely related to the quantity of the good materials used. Cheap paint will get you poor results. Make sure what you buy has a warranty that proves is quality and the determination of the company to provide a good product. There are a few levels of luster available when it comes to paint, ranging from flat to gloss with others in between. Each manufacturer of paint may have variations in the sheen level of the final product, so make sure you buy from the same brand if you are working on a bigger project. The luster of a paint mainly depends on the pigment, resin and other inert ingredients and their levels in the final product. Less pigment and more resin for example means more gloss. The more gloss you have in paint, the more washable and durable it is in the end.

Flat paint on the other hand is great at hiding irregular and imperfect surface flaws. It is used in the painting of ceilings and walls with great success, as it allows walls to “breathe” compared to their alkyd and oil counterparts. Glossy paint can be used to give a surface excellent hiding as well as a durable finish. They can easily move and cover any Clapton area and surface in a single coat with as little trouble as possible.

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